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How to repair balance shaft belt tensioner on Plymouth Neon

Engine Technician
Stephen Roberts
Interesting how to remove balance shaft belt tensioner in your car, I’ll show you the video tutorial how to replace balance shaft belt tensioner with no problem!
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Sorry bud but a 3 is most definitely not even close to a 18mm... I think you ment 3 lol
Where's b5 :(I can't find it anywhere
thank you the only other video I could find was from the guy with a thick thick accent
Watched it, did it Thank you!!
This guy is such a douche
Pulser vs rtr 160
I have pulsar 135 Ls, 2016 model,it is the most stylish look bike similar to ns bikes, its ex- showroom price was 65,000 when i purchased and it has 14 bhp power and 12nm torque, it performance is similar to 150cc pulsar bikes, 150 cc, 125cc and 180cc pulsar bikes does not have attractive look, but pulsar 135Ls is very attractive with split seat, split grab rail, stylish handle bar, 5 speed gear box, and its mileage is 53-55...overall its very good bike, but bajaj discontinued this bike in 2018, if this bike gets launched in 2021 definately its price will be around 1 lakh
thank you this is EXACTLY what i needed. i wasn't sure of taking off the manifold but now i know. thanks!
mileage test
Great work.  I just finished installing my timing belt but am having ... aligning the engine to insert the bolt to the middle and lower motor mounts.  I think it shifted when I removed the lower motor mount, but now I can't get the engine re-aligned with a jack under the oil pan.  Any advice?
Its sad all that extra work had to be done just because of 1 snapped bolt.  Glad you got it sorted and I appreciate the info.  On a personal note, I love the accent.  In your next video, could you say 'Course laid in, Captain.'? Thank you so much for the video.  This helped more than I can say.  I just did all 3 mounts.  Mine weren't as bad as yours, but they all had cracks all the way thru and the difference is Night & Day.  большое спасибо
Yah batao bhaiya aapko English Aata to kya Sabko samajh atahai
LOL awesome video...
I am from Jabalpur
My new bike
I was given a 2002 Neon, no start. The owner told me he was sick of it and gave it to me. They have previously replaced the fuel pump and the ignition coil in ... this issue. So I'm planning on replacing this sensor very first thing, what I'm wondering is if there's a way that I can know for sure if the sensor is bad? Will it throw a code? Right now it cranks but doesn't start. Any help would be wonderful!! Awesome video! Keep on keeping on brothers!
do you have any idea what fuel pressure is on the 2nd gen?
dude...what did you do to tear up your throttle cable so much?
great video bro, keep em coming, suscribing..
Does anyone know how much this part costs?
What is the name of this place?
is the head gasket problem common? was there a recall ever issued? Im trading my car for a 97 soon so i can sell it later on. Also how was that 3 speed auto? is the SOHC or dual more reliable?
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