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How to repair anti-lock brake system on Lincoln MKX

Brakes Professional
Scott Campbell
If you want to know how to remove anti-lock brake system in your automobile, you can see quick tips how to remove anti-lock brake system step by step!
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Where is the flasher relay in this in a 2007 mkx? I put led so trying to install a heavy duty relay but cannot dint it anywhere.
Thanks for sharing
I wonder if the housing twists, or is oriented differently on various Edges, because the bulb I pulled out was clocked differently than yours (it was at the 10-oclock locked, and 7 oclock unlocked position. I now can't get the replacement installed correctly for the life of me. This shit is driving me crazy too. I've literally rebuilt engines. I just Sync3 swapped this car yesterday, and the headlights are doing me in. FML. Good video BTW.
Ty bro helped me out
We're glad our video could help!
What are the torque requirements on the upper and lower intake bolts? Also, do you use any sealers or conditioners on any of the gaskets or o-rings?
Thanks! Always appreciate the how-to videos. My 2010 Edge was a bit different closer to what Ze Studio mentioned below with plastic pins that the bottom of the glove box snaps into. And I had to take off the string attaching the glove box on the right side. Both easy to do once I saw your video and where the filter was hidden.
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So would it be a good idea for us owners of such cars with these engines- especially with higher miles- to check the oil weekly to see if any water drops are showing up in the oil? (So we could do something about it before the engine is ...)
Thank you
Awesome video! You have no idea how much this helped my dad and I change the Engine Temp Sensor on his '07 MKX. Minimal differences but thanks to you, no problem and saved a lot of money. Keep doing your videos and stay safe!
Can you do headlight change for a Lincoln MKZ 2008?
Place call me
Thank you for showing me how easy this can be! Greatly appreciated!!
Made in USA?
Exactly what I needed. Owners manual was zero help!
I have same ford edge 2011 I got new headlight and new bulbs but still has weak brightness for head light what I have to do any advice?
You trying to trade Wheels? Lol. I’ve got the factory limited edition black 20 inch on my Ford Edge
My over temp coolant light just came on on my 2011 exploder! NOPE!, Selling it for sure! Had to do spark plugs a while back what a POS! Soon my Add will read: 2011 Explorer for sale $2,500 under going price!! Mechanics special only needs a coolant temp sensor!! Bargain days are here! Never again, so unbelievable. This is also my second engine, lost my first well maintained never abused engine from a simple water pump seal going out. Genius engineers at Ford decided it was a great idea to locate the water pump inside the timing chain cover! ... that cover that is full of motor oil. By the time you get off the highway after hearing all the noises it’s over. That was fun! Seriously unreal, 100 plus years of automotive experience in building engines and we are here!
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