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How to repair horn on GL Eagle Free Cruiser

Electrical & Lights Specialist
Jason Hill
Do you know how to replace horn in your vehicle, learn how to remove horn with no problem!
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Comments on how to fix horn on a GL Eagle Free Cruiser:
I had pulled mine apart and didn't know what to do with the Springs. Absolute legend, Thank you for making this video
You show 5 springs that go on posts. Are there always supposed to be 5 springs?  I opened mine and I can only see 2 of them. Then there is this black small spring with a short extension on one side and a long one on the other.  It came out of somewhere and I don't see where it goes.
i never knew about the little circle on the underbody (She said that! - M. Scott). Seriously though, solid info mate, thansk.
A wise man once said..if a man ask you to carry his bag one mile carry it 2 miles..
awesome video. good angles. solid mate.
That was a nice tour around an engine...nice to see all the components and a clear explanation. Thanks JT!
like the vid but i find the a pencil eraser woke grate and you don't lose the contact metal
Do you have the part number for this exact part? Thank you
Boom..that's how you do it..thanks.
We say SHIP IT, and IF IT FITS IT SHIPS hahahhaha
Thank you. Will try to see if this works. Better than paying 175 for a new one. Or $50 at a junk yard
So are you sanding and cleaning the little micro switches for better​ contact?
Man Im thinking of putting on spacers on my fj cruiser is it safe and I been reading reviews that sometimes the care vibrates
Where did your spare tire go
Now Please Plasti-Dip your front grille Bezel White. Pay homage to The FJ40. Ez project and it will look great. I did mine on my 07 VooDooBlue and I couldn't be happier with it.
Good job explaining the situation.Good information on how to do it correctly.
Hi. Good video. The springiness of my buttons is much lower than normal. And I only found 3 springs. I think I may have lost 2. Are those small springs related to the springiness of the buttons? Thanks
Sure would love to have you fix my master switch on my 2011 Camry
Good advice.
I did try do the same, but looks like mine no can seperate from the top, the print seems stocked to the buttons (switches), have any idea how i can seperate the parts, so i can have acces to the inside the print
just took mine apart to clean the contacts and only 1 spring came out - do you know where it goes back into the unit??? its a 1997 Toyota mr2 - thank you
Hoang Exelente video gracias
No son seguros esos espaciadores ya que no ... el centradores de rueda
Power window motor repair auto
Уже бы до конца всё отмыл.
Eso no sirve no tiene apollo bestia
What’s up JT
Are TJ and Dustin living in the same hood?
I cant start engines problem valve start
I have 1996 Explorer 154000 miles, working perfect, few days ago the car would not start in the morning, jump the battery then everything work all day and night, the next morning the battery would not work can't start the car, after jumping the car I check battery it is good I checked the Alternator it is working fine (it is 4 months old) I noticed the battery light on dash board do not come on at all when starting the car, all lights come on and turn off on the dashboard but not the battery light. One night I unhook the negative (black wire) from battery and connect in the morning the car started fine. It looks like I have short somewhere which is draining the battery overnight. Please help with any suggestion how to fix the battery light so it will come on and off and how to check for electrical shortening which is draining the battery. Zack THANKS...
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