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How to repair oil pressure sending unit on Tesla Model S

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Jason Hill
If you ask how to replace oil pressure sending unit in your auto, you can see the manual how to replace oil pressure sending unit step by step!
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Comments on how to fix oil pressure sending unit on a Tesla Model S:
Quick I recently had my oil pressure on my 2011 Suburban peg to zero...ran a diagnostic and got the same codes as you had mentioned in your first video. I sent it in to my dealership...DAMN.. .mad expensive for replacing the switch. However, they also had listed to replace the switch connector. Do you think I would need to do that? Or would just replacing the switch fix my issue...your video is great help!
Nice information boss keep up the good work
What city are you located at
Thanks man. My escape was doing the same thing. Taking the compressor off is the way to go. Your video gave me courage and it took me an hour to fix. You are the Man!!!
Who needs a proper set of wrenches when you have an adjustable
Thx I changed the pressure sender unit but still have the Low oil pressure Warning. Today when under my f150 I noticed that the harness had a lot of oil should I change the harness
Hey there eric, I crawled under my truck and found that the oil pan had oil all in the middle of it, running towards the middle, and then dripping down slowly. I followed the leak back to the back of the oil pan, right where the curved seal is in the back. I just replaced that gasket when my engine was out of the truck, so I highly ... it is failing again. Could it be a rear main seal? How can I tell the difference between the two? Everywhere else around the oil pan is dry.
What made you think of the oil pressure sensor before the gague itself?
Good work, I enjoyed the video
By this logic, if I buy a new bathroom scale, I'll weigh more.
the same for me, worked fine for 3 years, and now display silly values or no value at all... You find a solution?
You are an idiot. You should not be giving advice about anything. Go to school and learn about engines stupid!
Good job on the video man. I have a similar issue. We fixed the oil leak, replaced the oil filter, cleaned everything and did an oil change. After all that, I still have that red oil pressure light either on or flickering. I also hear a little bit of a knocking sound when the light turns on. Im so confused!!! You think I need a new oil pump??
Thank you so much. I am doing this by myself and I got this far. Thannos
So, did this clear up the intermittent gage failure issue when idling??
Yan Yan
lol  wish I could put a pic of my middle finger going out to the guys that make the smalles shit go in the worst place. great video good to know info
I have a 77 dodge toiga with a 440, I stopped to fuel up and then I started it up and noticed my oil pressure gauge stopped working, I'm going to go step by step from your video and see if it's a faulty wire, gauge, or sending unit. Do you think the oil pump could be bad? And if so how would I go about changing that
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