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How to repair head gasket on MINI Cooper 2

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Scott Campbell
You want to know how to install head gasket in your vehicle, I’ll show you the quick review how to install head gasket very easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix head gasket on a MINI Cooper 2:
I’m a dummy and forgot to put the intake manifold gasket and realized it after we already bolted and torqued down the head. Can we reuse the bolts and gasket after we remove them to be able to place the intake manifold gasket?
Hey! Question not sure if it’s a symptom of a head gasket, but I was having issues with coolant spraying out of the resivour I replaced the resivour put an oem water pump thermostat hoses and at least 2 flushes the issue continues if it gets hot fans are good,am I not burping it correctly?or signs of a head gasket?
the cam must be removed?
Great video. Im am in Portugal and i have a mini r50 1.4d toyota engine. Do you think its possible head gasket job without removing engine? I have done the clutch job without removing the engine with help off your videos. Many thanks.
You never set the Tappets how come
The best place to come if you don't have a haynes manual! Keep up the good work mate!
After completing on my r53 it blew smoke for a while and now check engine like is flashing and running on limp mode?
After you removed the head how did you get the short block so clean? Specifically the pistons, how did you remove all the carbon buildup? And wow, what a great set of videos you have produced, I learn something every time I watch them.
Is it still necessary to drain out the oil if the oil looks fine and it's not contaminated?
Is the Assembly connected to Fuel Pump?
I feel sympathy for any MINI tech that works on those cars. What a PITA they are to do anything on. Everything is so bloody tight.
Excellent vid. BTW you don't need to remove both caliper bolts, just the bottom one. Then the caliper will pivot up enough to allow a change. Might be useful also to show how to reset the warning light. E.g. Also on some models this needs to be done with the parking brake off.
Awesome work dude! Do ya know if possible to remove the headlight lens to apply a black piano mask inside and reattach the lens again without take out the whole unit? Tks in advance bro Ps.: my mini is a r60 2011 Countryman.
Thank you. This video is excellent. You have convinced me not to replace the bushing. :) (mine is currently fine, just had an extra one and thought I'd pop it in. But certainly no, this is not just a drop in job.) Great work.
are the sensors one front left, one back right?
For a sportive drive a automatic...not good!!
Shame its auto, what a waste
Hey Modmini, re “torque to yield” bolts, can I reuse the bolt for the sprocket bolt, valve cover bolts and bolts for cams rocker arms? I know for sure the head bolts should always be new. Again, thanks for all your videos and replies!
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