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How to repair seat heater control module on Jaguar X-Type

Interior Specialist
Jason Hill
Wondering how to install seat heater control module in your auto, I’ll show you the quick review for seat heater control module repair very easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix seat heater control module on a Jaguar X-Type:
thanks for video. one question, do you have any tip for gearbox fluid exchange? any video as well? cheers!
I spent my money buying new discs and pads. I bought ultra premium pads and they feel soo much better than the old ones.
Did this on my x-type recently and the video was really helpful! Definitely a tight squeeze.
Update You just need to the remove the 3 left cowl fasteners and lift the cowl up a bit. I can pull the old cabin air filter out and replace. I used a shop Vacuum with a thin long nose nozzle to suck up all the leaves and gunk from the housing. I did not have to remove the wipers at all.
NO NO NO!!! The x-type brake caliper has a twisting piston! You pry it back, like you showed here, and it misses it up! LOOK IT UP
Most annoying part of any xtype be very careful with the locking nut the same can happen, total nightmare to get it off.
Did you put adhesive in the channel where the black plastic housing and the windshield meet??
Thank you so much for all of the videos you put up! I have an 03 X type that I absolutely love and I don't even need but I can't get myself to get rid of!! I watch ALL of your videos and I appreciate that you took the time to share with us! God Bless, happy motoring from NYC, USA!...
I have 2003 jaguar X type it will not go pass 3000 rpm an it will jerk an a yellow light come on an it say curse not available
Where did you get the pick tool you are using?
Yes brake fluid, clean resevoir with brake cleaner. Make sure you tap that skuttle tray down in the lip on the windscreen after fitting pollen filter.
Thanks for this. saved me lots of grief
Get your lazy lame ass up,and do some work.
I’m having the same problem with my 2007 jaguar stype. Now the ignition switch got loose and fell down into the space. How can I get that repaired? Do you fix other people jaquar?
Top video, I also use milk bottle cut down, easy to do and saves a lot of money in garage costs. AND you know it is done properly.
Hey I have a Jaguar x type 2.5 liter gasoline engine car and it is a 2003 year model and it is loaded with options for the year and I’m very familiar with diesel engines and turbos and when you hear that wooshing sound it is the turbo spooling and when excellerating this loud wooshing sound is called turbo lag and when the turbo spools up from the exhaust gases, the engine gets boost and then creates the power the car needs to move and if there is a leak in the line is then it’s going to take more for the turbo to spool up
Did you get it started? I'm having the same issue after replacing battery I'm not sure what to do
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