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How to repair trunk lock actuator on Eagle Talon

Body Technician
Jason Hill
If you ask how to replace trunk lock actuator in your car, I’ll show you the video tutorial how to replacing trunk lock actuator step by step!
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Hi man :) Thats my Eagle Talon TSi AWD 95' here are mods :) apex'i n1 3' catback apex'i 3' downpipe injen intake kit with apexi filter apexi afc neo air computer greddy profec b spec 2 boost controller greddy full auto turbo timer plx r500 wideband controller kit ralco rz performance short throw shifter (short-shifter) greddy type-s blow-off valve magnecor competition 8. 5Mm spark plug wires ngk spark plugs walbro 255lph fuel pump
Damn I changed a clutch on a gen 1 Integra and it wasn't as involved as your dsm how many hrs did it take you to do the whole job
you ate anti-sieze?
spikekilla117 one quote i know is 'DSM: broken timing belts, blown engines, crankwalk, broken transfer cases, and bad ball joints just weed out the weak from the true DSM owners' DSMs are cheap to make fast but expensive to maintain that why you find a balance like my GST i made it to where i could easily get 350whp out of it bit left it at 250whp for ...
Dude your car has to be the cleanest 1g I've ever seen. I had the fundage I'd buy it.
How did you fit the wrench and the socket on?
took me forever to get the instrumental beat...
The service manual doesn't call for a strut bat engine support that I've seen. Also I have solid motor mounts so the engine doesn't even budge. Also, regarding the transmission's the magic of special effects! Anyone that would actually, purposely inhale clutch dust is gunning for the top spot in the Darwin awards.
HI Terry, I don't know the total time, as filming slows things down dramatically. Maybe a couple hours?
Thank you and you're welcome!
Wow, I'm impressed. You're set up better than some mechanics.
how much would it cost to have someone put a turbo in to an eagle talon and also buy it
probably put them on it?
Do you have aftermarket break calipers with this set? what ones did you use ones should I get?
I meant 'your'.
dsm's suck!
Mmmm! 'burp
Tom, I love the videos. I too am a dsm fan and now own my 2nd talon. It's a 90 tsi awd manual. It currently needs the transmission replaced and thid video is extremely helpful with what I can expect. My question is would there be any differences between the removal in your 91 and my 90? I know mine is 22 spline. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.
sounds like the rubber seal on your struts, if your ride handling gets bouncier over time then that's the likely cause. you can take your wheel off and confirm it by small amounts of hydraulic fluid leaking from them. Generally your ball joints will only be problematic if their rubber housing has deteriorated visually. Your CV joint will 'click' when driving if it is about to fail, and you should have rotation in the wheel before the steering begins to turn.
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