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How to repair wheel bearing on Nissan Expert

Suspension Technician
Stephen Roberts
Wondering how to replacing wheel bearing in your vehicle, I’ll show you the video tutorial how to change wheel bearing by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix wheel bearing on a Nissan Expert:
Awesome job... 1 quick question... is Left hand bearing same as right hand... like bearing may fit either side in this model?
3:50 were just gonna day a jack backing plate
Great video. I’m gonna replace my sons bearing this weekend This video gonna be extremely helpful
Abs light came on after, anyone else?
Hub puller
o god running it dry on sliders lol
...why are you not using a wheel bearing puller...instead whacking it on the axle...
I want that shop
Can I ask him a question I’m 17 and fixing up a car I got passed down and was wondering why my car won’t turn over it was working 2 days ago and out if no where it wouldn’t turn over anymore any ideas you can think of why it won’t turn over?
Rob, thank you for this video! My cruise has been out for a couple of years. I was sure it was going to be a $400 fix, but I had the exact problem you showed. The fix worked like a champ!
Interestingly, the subtitle function removes all fucks ;-)
That sounds sick!
You take out the rear light and work from there too.
Note to Karlis: Don't put anti cease on your wheel studs. You're supposed to use it on your perpetual motion machine.
That's it.. I'm going to watch cat videos now! Well, after this at least.
what if u put the cone filter into the lower halve of the standard airbox? iguess it has enough heat protection then
exelente video! in a few words you show the procedure to ajust brakes, I liked it, I did it and it worked very well. Thanks alot!!
Very helpful. I broke the Wheel stud (lug stud) and thought there was not way out. Your tips helped. Thanks you. (It was applied on 2000 Toyota Avalon) and I used the open ring socket of one end of the wrench (instead of constant velocity joint) to do the job. Thank you.
Thank you! This helped a lot and saved me a lot of time figuring it out myself. and by the way, blocking off the oil pump means you need to premix your gas. Hopefully you are aware of that.
Hi, Is the ABS bleeding procedure with VCDS can be done with a 1man pressurised tool hooked to the reservoir? Thanks
will this increase my insurance
Why did you remove the lash setting nut? You only need to remove the center bolt to remove the rocker assembly..
Using anti seize on wheel studs is ok but it should not be applied to the conical face of the nut only the threaded portion. This affects the friction value between the nut face and the wheel. The nut relies on this friction plus thread ramp angle to stay tight. Also you mention critical internal engine bolts not coming loose despite swimming in a bath of oil, true but most have some form of secondary fixing, tab washer, split pin or chemical such as loctite.
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