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How to repair tire pressure monitor control module on Cowin X3

Suspension Technician
Jason Hill
If you want to know how to change tire pressure monitor control module in your auto, I’ll show you the article about tire pressure monitor control module replacement the right way!
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I believe the British still use the pound measurement and miles per hour.
Hey, we finally get to see what kind of camera you use - we can see it in the rear view mirror. :-)
I heard or saw, can't remember which, that one of the accessories under hood was not belt driven but rather friction driven. Is this true? If so, which one?
I'm getting my 2007 Mini Cooper S tomorrow!!!
It's impossible to guess the intentions of others. I tend to ask them. That way you can at least know what they want you to think is their motive. That's more useful than assumptions.
Nice video Brian, and say hi to Spanky for me..
Hahahaha no worries! Thanks!!!
why is the paint so pink
Yes, perhaps you are right, maybe it was designed to be rhd like the original mini, and that is why the bonnet pull is on the other side, but i think they are just lazy! Thanks for the reply, love you spanky (3
Nice one, thanks. Pick up a Jag x type on Wednesday. And have ordered a service kit. 84k on clock.
holy ... I bit off more than I can chew
Thank you so much! I've been thinking of flushing my fluid since I'll need to do that soon.
Float type sensors are just dry contact (normally open or normally closed, NO You can just pull the connector and jumper the pins with a wire or paperclip, the message should go out. Then you know it's the sensor.
Can you ask Tesla services to take care of that? If yes, how much would it cost on top of the 38$ filters?
Installed a Shimano XTR 10 - 51 cassette on my Sram x01 derailleur and shifter a good solution to the 42 to 52 spacing and runs smooth as it should be.
You did well
Terbaik broo
How reliable is the X4? I’m looking at getting a used one
I don't think I've ever seen a servo so rusty. If you're using steel brake line you need a really good quality brake flaring tool, if you use copper piping (as I use on my Rovers) the softer metal allows you use a cheap flaring tool - like the one I picked up for $15. I have to do this job on my 97 JGC that's been off the road for 9 years so thanks for the upload.
Hi Tony, great video, will be helpful when it comes time for me to need to do this. I have the exact same drives and as i said in a previous video it is on a brand new Ferris 400s. I have noticed the oil level in both reservoirs have been slowly but surely dropping. I have been monitoring this parking in the exact same position and waiting until completely cooled. I've also been finding the smallest amount of oil collecting around both rear wheel rims. Have you ever encountered this before on yours, is this normal or do you have any ideas what it might be? Cheers.
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