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How to repair expansion valve on DS 5

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Scott Campbell
Do you know how to replace expansion valve in your auto, you can see quick tips how to replace expansion valve easy and efficient way!
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Hi! How do I recalculate for the lost oil xoes goes with the refrigerant on recovery? Is there any mathematical formula to determine jow mu h oil is left on the system parts after the recovery?
How do I get in contact with you?
Sometimes it's easier to take the entire dash out in one piece... sometimes. That's how it is done at the factory, the entire one piece dash is put into the car and bolted in, not build one piece at a time. It's built in pieces someplace else before it gets to the car and installed one piece
wow! So much a big job just for a little piece in the Jag. Thank you to take the time to do the video in the same time that you fix your car.
Hello sir Can you help me get a central air conditioning technician, who has high experience in the field of air conditioners and cold rooms? I am in Saudi Arabia, the city of Jeddah. Khudran Thanks a lot
aircond full service brapa?
Ac mobil saya dingin, tp mendesis... kira2 apa itu om? Utk pajero..
Hey I have 69 deville coupe and I need an POA valve calibrated for 134a and an Expansion valve I would love to just buy yours or whatever you deemed necessary mrfitness12
I am afraid that each manufacturer will have their only iot interface in such a way that it would be impossible to have a Daikin equipment and a media monitoring system, for example Does that fear justified?
for a simple vapour compression system, it is said that there will be only high side and low side pressure and temperature, on the other hand we only talk about absorption of latent heat by the refrigerant, then how the temperature of the refrigerant increases although the refrigerant pressure is same and only latent heat is absorbed by the refrigerant? As far as I know, the simple vapour compression cycle starts with compressing either liquid vapor refrigerant mixture or the saturated vapor of refrigerant(no chance of super heated vapour).then how can we say there is rise in temperature of the refrigerant at the end of evaporator?
Delta contactor connection with motor terminals on W2,U2,V2 side is not seeming appropriate as in start of video U1 is connected to W2 but after delta contactor W2 is connected with V1.
Mine flows. I put it in the freezer to see if it would close but it still flows. No good?
13.34 is what helped me lol I didn't realize there was a bolt holding the lines to the firewall the lines was only thing I needed to replace on my Si thanks!
Tellugu video
persoalannya broku. klau aircond lama x servis. perlu d cek bhgian minyak comp dulu kan? SMA ada hitam atau x. betul?
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