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How to repair thermostat housing on Oldsmobile Bravada

Engine Technician
Stephen Roberts
You ask how to install thermostat housing in your auto, you can see the video manual about thermostat housing repair by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix thermostat housing on a Oldsmobile Bravada:
Your video came up for my 3.4L 6cyl FWD 2006 Chevy ... I'm trying to repair or replace anything I can on my own that's easy to moderate in skill level, and I THOUGHT dropping the oil pan would be a breeze! Jesus, lord have mercy! This is insanity for a damn oil pan. Another video I watched was not as labor intensive, however, your video seems to align more with what my Chilton's manual says needs to be done. This is one I'll leave to the pros at my local mechanic shop! More and more, I'm starting to hate this Chevy based on how difficult simple things are. Just to check the ATF is insane. Who the heck decided to put the dipstick UNDER the engine and require the entire car to be lifted just to get to it? WHY? (Completely rhetorical, not looking for answers. I know why. $)
I've used your video as a means to remove every known 5.3 found in the you pick yard because nobody wants to mess with pulling them
How did you remove the transfer case? Having problems pulling it out on the drivers side
this guy sounds like Nicolas Cage
I have this problem with my 2003 bravada. My rear one works fine no hums. And my front one won’t work at all no humming or anything it just stopped working one day. Do you think it could be a fuse?
So I guess they changed the location between 2004 to 2008. Just took the alternator out for no reason
did you have a tough time getting the bolts back into the gearbox thru the frame? i had a pain doing it by myself on a 2000 blazer 4x4
you should make sure not to turn that shaft on the gear box at all when its on your bench or you will be totally out of alignment.
Hey, thanks for this. Real helpful!
Steve Young, what's the normal temperature for 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer, LL8-ENGINE, 4.2L, DOHC, L, MFI, 6-CYLINDERS? I feel like my car has overheating engine. My Chevrolet Trailblazer is more than 125 degrees Celsius see the picture of the gauge of my Trailblazer at this link:
Where r u location
My diff and actuator housing were really stuck on my oil pan. I broke the actuator back plate that fits into the oil pan when trying to remove! I was doing it after pulling the engine though...i likely should have left the entire housing together for added rigidity. Im about ready to junk this 06 trailblazer...such a pain to work on! Exhaust valves locked need head redone. But want to check bottom of engine before rebuilding head...have to pull oil pan to get front cover off to get to oil pump and timing chain!
How can I I tell if it's the sensor or the thermostat???
Thanks for this! I’m changing out the pitman arm as well on a 93 Chevy s10.
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