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How to repair CV joint on Skoda 105

Transmission Professional
Stephen Roberts
If you want to know how to change CV joint in your car, you can see the video tutorial about CV joint replacement by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix CV joint on a Skoda 105:
Is there going to be enough room for the exhaust headers? Looks like the engine might have to be slightly higher from what we could see.
Master craftsman!!! Just at the end when you set the engine mounts, I think your engine is not sitting plumb. Is that on purpose.
Reflective paint one of the main features of this bike is how you started -HELLO who gave you this job some nutter.
Got to keep it running properly!!
yeah i have same car as your after i changed the air spring my car still not level pls help thanks
Ingeniously fabricated engine mounts. Simple and robust. With polyurethane bushing, it's a pragmatic compromise between solid and expensive hydraulic engine mounts.
I have the same jag you have its a 1999 xj8 love it, when the car idles the temp is great the heater is hot and all is good, once I begin driving within 5 -10 minutes it over heats. and then leaves a puddle of antifreeze. Do you think its a air bubble or do you know a method to bub it?
Nice color!
диска Пертерсен дешманское гавно...
Faci toată munca cu multa pasiune
No fluid is life time
Before you turn on the car did you put back the cap or leave it off
I'vs been following your channel for about 2 years now and your videos are what inspired me to start my channel. If someday I posses a tenth of your skill I will considered myself blessed. Thanks for helping me over the threshold.
Loving the updates and progress lately! Cheers for sharing
I wonder if you would comment on tire pressure. I used to drive a Prius before my Bolt and always kept 2 Lb. more in the front than the rear 38 Most Prius blogs recommended this. Would that be appropriate for the Bolt? The sticker says 38
Better make a crossover inlet manifold, wont look the best with a big lump or hole in the bonnet
how much of the bolt is made in the USA?
Hi Jeff, Loving the work as always. Question? Have you considered just completely scrapping the whole original subframe. Cutting it out and creating a spaceframe type replacement that could bolt up to the bottom of the chassis rails?? It could potentially solve a lot of space and strenght issues. Looking forward to the next episodes. Kieran
Manifolds, steering, not going to be easy at all. You definitely need the next project to be easier with some engine bay space.
Its coming together beautifully.
Those welds are truly hideous
I've just been watching through this playlist and I'm very excited for the end result, having just finished a build on E30 M3 which took the best part of 3 years I know this isn't a quick job, new subscriber, feel free to check out our build
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