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How to repair wheel lug stud on Dodge Nitro

Suspension Professional
Scott Campbell
You want to know how to remove wheel lug stud in your car, you can see the video tutorial how to install wheel lug stud by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix wheel lug stud on a Dodge Nitro:
Cool stuff. This was sent to me by my customer because he didn't want me to replace the hole bearing. So I'll try it and see how it will work. Thank you very much.
Keep up the good information videos
What a great discussion. I just ordered my first air gun, a Crosman Vantage NP.22 (nitro piston, break barrel) and will get it in a couple of days. I hope you guys get together for an updated round table on this ❤️
Metal springs can easily last decades in air rifles. I have some from the 60's that work as new. I strongly disagree that the gas-ram is more reliable. As for 1 difference in hand-placement making rounds go 1 off on spring type... that is also nonsense. I'm all for the gas-springs, I like them too. But let's be honest here and stop this garbage talk. The gas-ram has less mass reliability has yet to be proven. Will the 15 year old rifle, or the 50 year old rifle still be shooting? I have already seen reports of the gas-spring failing very very early.
thanks a lot
Will a 177 barrel work on a 22 air rifle and will the pellet go faster than I does in the 177 air rifle
Mine needed a T-20 star drive bit and the bulb was a Sylvania 4057. It actually has 4057 etched into the light housing, but you can’t see it until you take the light assembly off.
Hi, thanks for another nice video, what was the reason that lead you to change it? What's the benefit of changing this valve. I definatly want to keep my dodge in a good shape thas why I was wondering if it's beneficial for the engine etc
I'm a bit surprised the hunter went for a spring when pressed at the end. The question being an ALL AROUND intro gun, you have to go gas... mostly because of what they already said several times. Spring kept under tension for potentially hours, and the ability to shoot off of hard rest (leaning against tree, shooting sticks, blind, window for pest control, decking, etc) and hold accuracy. I feel if the question was just for plinking or target shooting then its coil spring all day long for the beginner.. but since 'all around' and even 'pest control' was mentioned in the final question for a beginner first airgun, you have to go for gas.
Thanks,very helpful
I love my Webley Alecto which is a gas piston. Great gun!
I didn’t click on this at first because I wanted to find out how to do it on an 08 charger because someone else said take the dash apart (compressor exploded, redoing the entire system) but I’m so glad I clicked this video. Thumbs up, you took a lot of my anxiety away on doing the ac system on a newer car.
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