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How to repair timing chain on Rolls Royce Wraith

Engine Specialist
Gary Nelson
If you want to know how to replacing timing chain in your vehicle, I’ll show you tips how to install timing chain step by step!
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Comments on how to fix timing chain on a Rolls Royce Wraith:
Torques are 5 sided. And then there's this Peerless 5209249 Penta Security Bit
Someone wanted crushed diamonds in their paint. On the rolls.
Damn...that's vehicle is ... 4 really!!
That car’s been giving you loads of grief
I think your new phantom needs that diamond black tow tone finnish too.
Yes I love that mask haha! Robert, is the one RR better than the other RR? Just asking... I mean can you feel the difference??
Pentagon Socket Bit, more common in the UK. Sometimes referred to as a 5 point socket bit.
wonder why Bob did not use the Rolls Royce on Doug DeMuro car selling website?
Bob just doing right by people again. Most guys would say, 'hey I'm done with it, and it's for sale; it runs, let the next guy change the fuel pumps.'. Bob just doesn't treat folks like that. Well done Bob!
Crower Stage II 64476s
it is not difficult on a NGC car. there are things you need like the engine harness, engine bay harness, PCM, (they can flash your sentry key into the SRT PCM so you don't need that), pedal assembly, PS rack (if you have an RT the rack is too agressive for the SRT pump, I had three fail before I realized that) and instrument cluster. It's not difficult, but it depends on what you want to do the car. if it's going to be extensive, you may as well purchase an SRT4 neon from the start.
I'm not 100% sure what you are referring to, but issues on the first start were the tune (running exceptionally rich due to the open 02 housing), and the the clutch released too close to the top of the pedal travel, so I had to adjust that. Other than that she is healthy. Video quality was really poor due to the cell phone and the high decibel level of the engine running.
Hey, thats ur rt right? If so how hard was it to get the dohc in there? Ive gotta 95 sport coupe sohc and dont know whether to turbo my sohc or swap... Na is not an option! But for the$ to build and turbo my sohc I can buy a srt4 engine. Any advice will help
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Der Gigant kann mann für 400k selber bauen
Was this on standard tyres?
Thanks so much for this. Saved my ass trying to compress this damn thing
Did you notice any fuel mileage differences? I'm thinking about ordering one for my Tacoma. That Intake makes it sound and looks badass under the hood!
4:30 First time seeing Centipede rear. Awesome video guys! Love it.
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