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How to repair crankshaft seal on Maruti 800

Engine Specialist
Nicholas Carter
You want to know how to replacing crankshaft seal in your auto, I’ll show you the video manual how to replacing crankshaft seal by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix crankshaft seal on a Maruti 800:
pay all that money just to have to pull the motor not even a year later sad just sad
Is this motor for a 2014 Polaris razor 800s. Is this motor the same
Excellent camera work. What you did show was excellent. Why didn't you show pulling clutches?
That has to be a Monday or Friday machine.
Great, informative video. Thank you
Excellent explanation!! Most common question on my complete engine rebuild video 'is there suppose to be oil in my stator cover?' Check out the video I posted!!
Thanks for this video. How long in all would you say this took you?
Fml. This gonna be a job lol
Hallo bro me aap ke video Malaysia se dekhta hu aur muje bhut Kuch sekhane ko Malta h
If it already jumped time you have bigger problems then just that belt you have bent valves as thats a non clearance engine.
Sent me some more video
Nice work again!
Good video man, but what is the deal with installing a stud to accommodate the old style tensioner? Is the new stud the same as the one you pulled out? Is there a new style tensioner? Thanks.
Thank you for your videos. They are very clear and useful! Btw. Do you know where I can get instructions for that front seal change you mentioned in the end of the video? Ps. Greetings from Finland!
Foarte bun tutorialul, si imi place ca e facut pt YT, simeringul ala te rogi mai mult de el sa iasa. O remarca la semne: Crestatura se pozitioneaza in dreptul marcajului dreapta de pe capacul distributiei-ora 1. Odata pusa fulia de accesorii la acm semn, pica si pe flansa din interior semnul la verticala-este un punct la ora 11.30.
You like cream cheese bro?
Great timing for this video. I've got to replace a seal on a 1979 Lawn Boy soon.
The main seals on an engine should not leak as the oil is held in by vacuum. If they do leak it is normally a blockage in the breather system. Often it is the restricted part at the manifold connection.
LM autorepair..hi car is 2009 and have done 70k kms...i have no leaks so far... 1. should i be replacing the seals.? 2. how would i knew if there is a leak which isnt visible... 3.if there is a leak...will it affect the engine in any way.. thanks a ton in advance
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