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How to repair strut bearing on DS 6

Suspension Technician
Jacob Green
You want to know how to change strut bearing in your automobile, I’ll show you the quick tutorial for strut bearing repair DIY!
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Comments on how to fix strut bearing on a DS 6:
Well you have a bad tie rod end for sure. If you change that it should stop shaking
make Rubik's cube
ok dumb question I see the cap right next to were you put the coolent in. What goes in there Water only?
Could you elaborate just a bit on that part of it. I ordered the same roscolux gel but in red and I keep watching the video but I don't completely understand that part. Your video helped me do everything else I'm just having problems with the mileage color.
I had the same issue when i was researching lightened flywheels for my B series. I just went for it as I want those revs to come up as quickly as possible. Got to get into that VTEC range quickly. Cant wait to see this in the bay, it will almost be done at that point and make it all worth it in the end :P
salut, c'est simple à ce point. Pourtant, les garages peuvent te demander jusqu'à 100€ pour faire ça!!!
How can you tell if it needs replaced? I'm thinking mine is the oil pan itself
On the website it doesn't list for a 1998 Crown Vic to check size?
good video bro, really helped out since I only changed the front camshaft and still had the same problem but luckily i found out that there is another sensor in the back!
THANKS for the vid!! Worked GREAT!! Should mark the rack stub and u-joint coupler to be sure it goes together exactly as was to avoid needing an alignment. There is no key on the splines, can be assembled a tooth off. Otherwise vid is right on!!!
Thanks, this worked on my 2011 mazda2, if you read through the forums this problem is everywhere on Mazda and Fords, people take them to the dealers and get stung for a new rack, they know full well this is the real issue,fit a new rack grease up the shaft and customer thinks they done a great job! And wonder why nobody uses them.
Great video
215 I can tell by the lingo
Whats up with the dialing keypad.
Do the bulb function on both hi beam. Or only single beam?
Just so you guys know, there is thread locker on the flywheel bolts just accidentally didnt include that video clip. As long as they are torqued correctly to the 87ft lb then there shouldn't be a problem with them backing out. Its the correct torque spec that's holding them into place, not threadlocker. I understand that's a safety measure used though, so thats why I did applied it as well. Happy new year everyone! NEW VIDEO OUT THIS THURSDAY WITH AN AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT!
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