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How to repair liftgate lock cylinder on Lancia A112

Body Professional
Stephen Roberts
If you want to know how to replace liftgate lock cylinder in your automobile, I’ll show you the quick tutorial for liftgate lock cylinder replacement with no problem!
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* It's worth a try. If your CD player doesn't even spin the disc, check the power supply first. Another video I made deals with this issue: Sharp QT-CD130 stereo radio, CD, cassette player repair. Disc read error, does not play CD problem  If the power supply is not a problem, then the laser pick up unit may need to be replaced.
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Great vid..I have a CLK320 (2005) M112 engine..My fuel gauge is giving me incorrect readings..sometimes showing full then it goes to empty etc. Replaced the sender unit under the seat..what else could cause that issue?. Could a fuel pump cause it with a bad ground or my instrument cluster paying up? Many thanks
Excellent video. Ty.
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Got a 2002 s430 benz, car won't start after changing crankshaft sensor. Could it be bad fuel filter or pump?
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Hello Paul, I having same problem after change fuel injector and new fuel pump but still have long crank, no you have any ideal?? Thank you!!
Awesome video thank you. I need to drain my radiator and coolant reservoir. Oil got into the reservoir so a flush radiator, fill and replace the reservoir. Then hope it was just from sitting. It's an M104, W140 1997 Mercedes S320 LWB. Reply with any recommendations.
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Ok Thanks. what happened is i pressed to play the cd it was not playing, then i checked i did not have a cd in player in so it keeps repeating the cycle over 'no disc'.
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