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How to repair emission control system on London Taxi TX-I

Intake & Exhaust Specialist
Benjamin Murphy
Wondering how to replace emission control system in your auto, I’ll show you the review for emission control system repair by your hands!
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Comments on how to fix emission control system on a London Taxi TX-I:
Is this the same as the 2015 model???
How did you get the wiring harness off the stud on the right side Outside looking in It’s very tight and I don’t see how to release it
Guy don't put silicone gaskets on top of oem gaskets, use the oem gasket only, trust that it'll do its job and replace at reasonable miles, 30k - 50k
great video but let me add a few things blue silicone belongs on old 70's and 80's american cars use the permatex ultra grey on a toyota also felpro gaskets are not that great this is one time i would rather pay the $5 more and buy a dealer gasket
Great video
very good vid!!
The best part is your little helper... my baby is 28, so it's been awhile since she was that cute. ;-)
Those VVT Solenoid O-rings don't require any kind of RTV-Gasket on them. They are made to seal against the under side of the valve cover like the originals were. Please don't put RTV-Gasket on O-ring seals. When that stuff hardens if a piece breaks off it'll get sucked into the oiling system, most likely the VVT ports they're next to and the VVT solenoid will be damaged and become non-operational. If you're lucky you won't trash the camshaft. The RTV-Gasket on the edge of the head where the valve cover seal sits is correct though.
I am preparing to do this job myself and I have the main gasket and the four spark plug tube O-rings, what are the other little gaskets called? Thank you!
3mins nanaman nasyang ko
sabi mo diy
DDIY pala ito Dont Do It Yourself
Dude, when I have to sell my Ion, can I use your video! This is fantastic! Love the white background dialog, Saturn drivers love Apple, nice choice.
Walang kwenta paulit ulit
my 06 fell apart at 69k lol now my 97 sl1 has 171k and still going.
I had the same car once.  Aside from the crummy CVT, it wasn't a bad car at all.  And while people bitch and moan about the center instrument cluster, it was actually easy to adjust to and easy to read, not to mention it kept some of your peripheral vision on the road when reading it.
Notice they did not even clean up the old greasy mess around the axle area.  Much less replace the swollen rubber brake caliper bushings.  The protection caps fell off of the bushings due to grease saturation and swelling.   Poor repair and poor video.
I add voice to all the rest. WTF. Two minutes I will never get back plus the time to write the comment about the most pointless worthless video I have ever seen. About anything.
That car has the worst safety ratings and is probably one of the most unsafe cars on Americas roads
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