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How to repair intercooler on MAN TGE

Engine Technician
Stephen Roberts
Wondering how to change intercooler in your auto, I’ll show you quick tips for intercooler repair easy and efficient way!
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Hate to break it to ya, but that's not an R (unless ya'll t5 swapped it?)
Bro!! She's beautiful! I just bought an 05 S60R, and I'm planning on doing this to my girl as well! Great video fam! Keep it up
What about the sensor that goes on the inter cooler?
The guy doing the install is INCREDIBLY white. Get some sun my dude.
You didn't wear safety glasses on this install? I'm appalled
Can I do this to my s60 2.5t 2005?
Volvbro to the rescue
Where did you buy the fittings from and the filter
Good video jamie keep them coming
Have you got a list of all the fittings ect you used for this set up please? I need all the same as you and I'm not sure what fittings I need for the swirl pot set up?
1st. Lol
Bosch 044 is very loud mate i run them on my nova. My tuner thought mine was ... its that loud lol
Slow & sluggy
Find a turbo 2 hood it can help a little with engine temps
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Replace your engine serpentine belt with one made by Continental. It made my chirp go away
Good project
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Plus the hose made out of not rubber but plastic, that is why it is that hard, perhaps is on purpose such material is used for it.
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Just looking at the flex in the mid section of the chassis, looks like you may need to beef it up a bit. If you have not seen my heavily modded Fiero with the SHO in it, check it out!
What screws would you recommend to use for mounting a subwoofer enclosure to the tailgate of a Jeep Wrangler?
What wheels are on it?
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