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How to repair transmission mount on JMC Landwind

Transmission Technician
Jason Hill
If you ask how to change transmission mount in your vehicle, take a look how to remove transmission mount easy and efficient way!
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Comments on how to fix transmission mount on a JMC Landwind:
when part 3?
ZACK!!! I forgot he worked here before Donut!
Do you slide the mount all the way closest to the transmission or...?confused of where it should properly be...
Awesome video buddy! Super helpful.
Good stuff Eric.
How long’d this take?
Somewhat off topic: speaking of AW4 transmissions, does anyone have any idea why the automatic transmission on my '99 XJ would be working intermittently? One day, works like a day, I have to shift 'semi-automatic' (1-2) 3) D). The 'semi-auto' method works fine; kind of like standard without a manual clutch.Thanks to anyone for any ideas (FYI, it's not the solenoids or TCU).
Thanks for the video clip and we look forward For more successes
Nice video. Really enjoying the mk7.5 content. Giving me ideas and help with mine!
Any transmission issues after replacing the fluid?
Great job man! I have a 06 Lexus GS300 that I've been taken to the dealer, but started tackling projects myself and had similar results. Subscribed.
Thank you for the 3 videos for replacing the front, left & rear mount. Where's the video for the right mount? :)
I had a look at a 6.0 with that same transmission, I wonder what the chances are of getting it into a 1964 Galaxie 500, probably a small tunnel
Hello! My name is Daniel and I am an automotive repairman here in Brazil. More specifically in the area of ​​automatic transmission, embedded electronics and engine. I am following your work through your channel. Congratulations!!! You just got one more subscriber. Keep producing content for the channel. Big hug and see you later...!!
jesus loves you
How much $ total was spent to get the 2jz running on the mustang?
Boi roasted the mount for like 9 mins
Why all the potty-mouth? It just shows how stupid you are.
Great watching your videos, Matt...worth waiting for...
That throw back tho when he use to do all these type of diy love it!
No oil pan and crossmember issues? Or did it come with the swapped out pan?
Got it done. Had to do what you did and grind off the first motor mount so that it would fit. 2nd motor mount, had to bend were the nut goes at the bottom a little bit. (Also mine didn't come out as easy as your did and had to do what you didn't want to do for that mount xD) This mount was by far in the worst condition, it was no longer holding the engine. Once I replaced it, that vibration went away. 3rd, that was straight forward and easy. 4th, was not the same as stock so I had to align the transmission correctly so that it would fit. Checked it and tested it and rechecked it, it's good. I would say allignemtn is key in doing all of these, overall easy fun fix. Thanks for the help.
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