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How to repair dust cap on Holden Vectra

Suspension Professional
Nicholas Carter
You want to know how to install dust cap in your auto, I’ll show you the information about dust cap repair the right way!
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o MAN!!! AWeSOmE!!!
Señor alibaba megaman zx tengo 8 capitulos tuyos ya terminados
EXO...Steve Meade...Mark from C.A.F. The holy trinity of car audio!!! The only 3 guys I listen to!!!
Easy and very useful trick, keep it up bro
How much it is for?? These hid bulbs
Fantastic tutorial. I really appreciate you posting these. Your teaching lessons are much appreciated. Great work!
'schmuts'? Spelled how in English? In Swedish it's smuts but I didn't knew it was used in English =P
Did you install it with Relay harness?
these are called dust caps and electrical tape my give a better result if not you can replace them they are very cheap anywho that was kind of useful
0 year old hooptie mobile...300 Dollars,super duper stereo 2500 dollars..blowing speakers to hell...priceless
It's true automotive coaxial speakers will not have dust cap yet they sound great.
White cones, I could never understand why designers used different colors on their cones.  KEF uses blue and orange for example, and they are as ugly as sin.  I would think a nice black would be the least intrusive.
Special tools used: none! 'Should be easy as long as you have this special tool.'
I drilled a hole in the center cap so the hot air can escape. So far it is running cool. I have not seen any moisture inside the headlight housing.
I like that big speaker..we're would l find 2 Dust caps sob wf
lol nice^^
Yeah, but was it CEA rated?
Larger dia bass speakers like 15' 18' use an inverted dust cap to give more cone face allowing more air movement but I agree with most midrange speakers don't actually need the dust cover for performance reasons it's just to keep the dust out
Bhai 35w thik rahegi ya 55w Plz reply
This video doesnt explain anything... Dustcap is to keep the dust out, because speaker will suck it in by the cone movement and the dust will get stuck between magnet and coil and make some scraching sound, worst is when this dust is attrackted by magnet, then ist harder to remove it.
So i am looking at a couple different subs i want dual 12s or 15s, and i was thinking of getting either the destroyer 15d1 or the sound qubed hdx3 12 inch subs 1Ohm, the amp im going to be running a rockville Comp4 which is supposed to do 3000 watts rms. what do you guys think?
Help to move air which cools the voice coil
Man I love JBL. Just the sweetest sound for my ears! Love those old yamahas, bet it sounds pretty good! Good monitor! I had a pair of white ones.
There have to be no oil, the internal seal is wrong.
Thank you very much, Jim. I am learning so much from you about my Snapper. And thanks for revealing information about the newest parts, the ones that replace the old style parts, and the corresponding changes in part numbers. This is a great help. Keeps a feller from wasting money and effort buying and installing inferior old style parts.
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