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How to repair active suspension system on Honda Shuttle

Suspension Professional
Jacob Green
You ask how to replace active suspension system in your automobile, I’ll show you the quick review how to change active suspension system by your hands!
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cool beans
Doesn't work, when the below is fool of water where the water goes? doesn't make sens... it will stop working
Does it hás a hidráulic filter? Old David brown with a clean filter gain a new life
Good video Tim
But they make it easier battery powered grease guns and if it is easier than you will be more likely to do it
I remember this channel when i saw with 8 years...
plz can u explain it practically.
I have not herd a WOOD PECKER in so long in the back ground,sounds nice. SAY SAFE
Another great video! This one shows the importance of reading directions. I too jump right in and start using a new gadget that I have never used before, but I soon realize that I don’t know my ass from my elbow about it and I have to break out the ole instruction manual. I felt so sorry for the Case tractor (with all her dirt and rust). I was wondering if you have ever thought of maybe filming a clean and paint project for the old girl. Just spruce her up a wee bit, also maybe give the Allis-Chalmers a little spruce-up as well. Those two lovely ladies work hard and we all could use a little TLC now and then. Keep up the good work. (BTW at first, I thought the Allis-Chalmers was called “Alice Charmers)!!! I never claimed to be a brain surgeon. LOL
I am using the channels on the walls like you did on yours. I figured they are horribly strong- why take them out or cover them up? Use them
Would love to know if the bus is diesel and if so which engine or if any problems yet with the vehicle? Also I’m looking into converting a shuttle bus with my girlfriend yet am curious to the amount of head room. How tall is the interior of your bus as well as width? So many questions! Love the channel and seeing you two do this is really getting me stoked to soon do this with my girlfriend. Keep up the great work and good luck to you both!
I think someone has been watching Pete Just a Few Acres a little too much lately. lol. Don't feel alone. Pete inspired a few vintage tractor projects here as I eye up an engine rebuild on my 8n and contemplating adding a loader to it or getting a second loader tractor. I thought you putting the hood on the Case practically equated to a restoration. I will admit I probably have some level of OCD because that was bothering me to watch you use it w Now, it will be the tires that bother me as it looks like they are all low. ;-)
Nice for you, I have been using that type of grease attachment for 50 years on aircraft. There are a lot of different types of tips.
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