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How to repair trans oil cooler on Opel Senator

Lubrication Technician
Justin Evans
You want to know how to replacing trans oil cooler in your vehicle, you can see the instructions for trans oil cooler replacement step by step!
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Uwielbiam Twoje filmy! Bądź bardziej dorosły, jeśli będzie ku temu okazja. :D
How do you disconnect the sensor?
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Does the CLA250 2020 have this navi on it, if so, how do I do it, is there a chip or something needed to be preinstalled or what, I'm only seeing the map when I plug my Android or iPhone in…
It took me two days to watch all three hours but I loved it. Roberta, you did a great job.
Autodoc.bonito video. Pero mandan piezas defectuosas.sin poder cambiar. piezas usadas pulidas. Casi nada.buen negocio
Pag ganto wag nalang. invest nalang sa suzuki o yamaha.
did everything easy but my problem is i forgot which cable goes where on the spool forgot to note it ugh
You can't beat the ould manual hand job.!
well now i have an a350 type rating
Hey.. bro, waiting to see the 4X4 review of pajero sfx
2006 Honda jazz icin hangi antifriz koyalım kırmızı koydum zararı olurmu
Hocam 2013 megane 3 CC cabrioda denedim. Olmadı. camlar bır turlu kumandadan kapanmıyor. Without With olmasına ragmen olmadı. sorun ne olabılır
Thanks Matt, you're a busy guy. I have to do this to a back trunk panel, your tips will help, especially turning up the heat.
Thanks for this! Our washer is acting stupid. Did you send the seller his laundry back?? The penny? Just think, the guy probably sold it to you thinking it was shot. So you really DID get a deal. :) Appreciate this!
Hi I have the same tank and have power to relay and pump. But no power to the sending unit when turning the key.when I jump the 3and 5 pins on relay board the pump comes on but don't pump fuel to hose and sounds like the pump is pumping fuel back in to the tank. But y don't the pump come on when key is turn is this a ecm.or fuel shut off.
Having a hard time getting mine on.. Maybe because i put the belt on the transmission pulley first. It's just a really tight fit, tore up my hands even with gloves. Have no more energy to try tonight but..will try to put it on the motor and idler pulleys first tomorrow. I think i did try that.. but didn't spin the transmission pulley like you showed. This is the worst location for a belt, hard to get to on the bottom of the machine! Other washer's i've seen have such easy ones on the back. Hope i can get it on.
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