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How to repair HVAC electronic control module on Tata Telcoline

Heating & Air Conditioning Specialist
Jonathan Reyes
Do you know how to remove HVAC electronic control module in your vehicle, I’ll show you the manual how to replace HVAC electronic control module very easy and efficient way!
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Is there a chance your tubing from the FMIC to the TB would benefit from say two 4” tubes to one tube the size of TB? I’m thinking volume. That may not play here as there is more factors. However it seems logical. EDIT Two 3” since you got it. LoL.
I want to buy this actuator. Please send a link so that i can purchase it.
Awesome video thank you
I see that your car has more than 190000 km. The PCV valve should be changed, in general, in all cars, to 30000 km. It is important to change that piece because they become clogged or damaged. If it does not work well, the oil gases tend to run out of the engine seals. In the Volvos, they should be changed between 80000 and 150000 km, depending on the case. I already changed that piece in two Volvos. In the first one, an S40 T5 was changed to 120000. In my current one, a Volvo S60 T6, I changed it to 80000 km. It is relatively easy to change it in the Volvo S60 T6, especially because of its location (above the engine). Although there are some screws that take a lot of work out and then screw them. I recommend changing that part so that the engine stays clean and in good condition.
NO w końcu, spoko materiał jak zawsze!
on my car it's shows red
Good video. What manual transmission are you planning on putting in?
Imagine an old mercedes from the 90s and I just want the motor changed (to ev) and don't care much if the interior or exterior looks deteriorated...just the motor. How much would the conversion cost? Let's say 120 hp and 130 miles range? Or 100 hp and 100 mile range. I live in a small round island more or less 30 miles diameter and almost never drive more then 60 or 70 miles...this car
Ok so I did my first two wheels but one came out dull with no gloss, I did another coat of clear and got just a bit better. I sprayed both wheels excactly the same way, what went wrong and how can I fix it? I'm basically out of clear. I want to know y? So I can prevent on my other two wheels
I just put a elite 370a in this morning.. did a lot for my 3k system.. I also have the gm 2 pin plug on my 2006 Silverado.. do u know if the 91102R external voltage regulator works on the gm 2 pin plug alternators, it needs field and ground for hookup.. the 91102R is designed for 2 pin crystler vehicles.. I'm just not sure if it's compatible with the gm 2 pin alts, might need a different internal regulator.. I might switch my alt to the internal 4pin regulator and use the digital mechman voltage reg.. that thing looks awesome, I just don't want any error codes on my message center in my dash cluster.. either way hooked up stock it holds voltage right st 14.4v all day long, it's starts around 15.2v then sits at 14.4.. I've got 2 yellow top optimas.. might get xs power d3100 eventually also
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