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How to repair air conditioning refrigerant pressure sensor on Tata Sierra

Heating & Air Conditioning Specialist
Jason Hill
If you want to know how to change air conditioning refrigerant pressure sensor in your car, take a look how to replacing air conditioning refrigerant pressure sensor when it's time!
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What was your psi before
I'm not sure what that might be molded into. You may want to look for bolts or anything that could hold it in place. Hope this helps you out.
That simple, huh? Just a quick one, two, pop in the new lock cylinder and presto...she turns on.
Thank you for the video. real nice.
thanks,this its exactly need my suburban...
WOW - I didn't see the bird. LOL That was dirty. Great video.
How often should you change your air filter with normal driving, mostly highway.
So I just got this code today my truck has 130k No whining noise at all but the code is there P06DD Oil was changed at dealership 3k ago. I just dont want to take it to them they charge up the ass to do anything...
Just bought these
Do you buy car parts (oil, air filters, etc)from Rockauto? Looks like they have low prices. What do you think?
How much clearance do you get? Thinking about dropping my crew cab 5 but scared it will not be high enough to clear speed bumps lol
Great video, very clear and easy to follow. Much appreciated! Thank You.
Does anyone know where exactly this place is?
What size bolt was that?
Dayum that's alot of shit. No wonder the dealership trying to charge me 631 dollars to do mine...
Yes. These motors are notorious for this problem. Bearing clearances are the issue especially the cam.
What’s your mpg looking like
break the line then have to replace it, cost me hours of work and money majorly, turn the filter and keep the line held in place if you can, saves you al ot of grief and expense: chevrolet in their infinite wisdom set this up with two flares that rust weld into place so you are forced to break the lines instead of having one side with quick disconnect that lets you turn the filter instead of the line
I need that kine. Me an pug1 s olady same with the ford deathstar. Mines all sorts of loose where I can turn on the accessories without a key in it. Give it a while and prolly be able to start it without a key ffs.
My 08 is all solid down there no swing doors to hold filter. How about a video on an 08 body style anyone??
Appreciate this video. Any reason you don’t use AC Delco fuel filter? Do you think WIX is better? Very good video. I want to see you turning wrenches because this is where weird things happen (to me, anyways) like having ... loosening the filter Im glad you don’t skip this part
Really helpful video! Thank you for sharing. I am considering doing this myself but still not certain if it would be worth the hassle. Does $250 US sound reasonable which includes parts (Moog inner tie rods only), installation and alignment? Also, if the mechanic stated the outer tie rods were fine, why would they need to be replaced at the same time since from what I have heard, typically the inner rod ends go bad?
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